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Introducing JoomBri Careers v3.8: Empowering Employers with Innovative Job Posting Options


In a constant effort to enhance user experience and meet the evolving needs of our community, we are thrilled to announce the release of JoomBri Careers v3.8. This latest version introduces groundbreaking features that provide employers with greater flexibility and convenience in managing job postings.

New Features:

  1. Pay Per Job - A Paradigm Shift in Job Posting: In response to user feedback and industry trends, JoomBri Careers v3.8 introduces the "Pay Per Job" model. Now, employers have the option to post jobs using a Pay-as-You-Go package. This feature eliminates the previous limitation of exclusively relying on a subscription-based model. With "Pay Per Job," employers can post listings on a per-job basis, tailoring their commitment to their specific hiring needs.

  2. Credits System for Job Postings: Another exciting addition to our repertoire is the introduction of a credits system. Employers can now purchase credits, providing them with a flexible and cost-effective way to post jobs. This system allows for greater control over the number of job listings without being tied to a subscription plan. It's a perfect solution for businesses with varying recruitment needs.

How It Works:

  • Pay Per Job: Employers can now choose the "Pay Per Job" option when posting a new position. This on-demand model ensures that employers pay only for the listings they need, providing cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

  • Credits System: By purchasing credits, employers gain a virtual currency that can be used to post jobs. This system empowers employers to customize their job posting strategy according to their hiring requirements, ensuring a seamless and adaptable process.

Why It Matters:

  • Flexibility for Employers: The introduction of "Pay Per Job" and the Credits System caters to the diverse needs of employers. Whether it's a one-time hiring need or a frequent demand for talent, JoomBri Careers v3.8 offers the flexibility to match varying recruitment scenarios.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: With the "Pay Per Job" model and the Credits System, employers can optimize their spending based on their immediate hiring needs, making recruitment more budget-friendly and efficient.

  • Enhanced User Experience: These new features aim to streamline the job posting process, providing a more intuitive and user-friendly experience for employers navigating the JoomBri Careers platform.

Upgrade Today:

We invite all our users to explore the enhanced features of JoomBri Careers v3.8. Whether you're a business looking to hire or a job seeker exploring opportunities, the latest version promises a more dynamic and user-centric experience.

Empower your hiring process with JoomBri Careers v3.8 - Where Innovation Meets Recruitment! Upgrade now and experience the future of job posting.