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Careers v3.0 Stable Released

Joomla 4 Support

It's Joomla 4 season! Last week, we released JoomBri Freelance v4.0 for Joomla 4 and this week, we are happy to release JoomBri Careers v3.0 for Joomla 4.

Our Careers team worked parallelly with Freelance team and shared the knowledge for the upgrading. Because of this, we were able to quickly upgrade both the extensions for J4.

 We have not just made our extension to work with J4 but every single page re-coded from the scratch exclusively for J4. It might seem simple but it is not. We have invested hours of hard work to bring this latest release to our end users. We are proud to say that JoomBri Careers is the second extension in its category to release for J4 at JED.

We have made changes to our extension for the improvements in PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, jQuery libraries and frameworks. 

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